Thursday, April 27, 2006

While I was getting set up to spin, someone tried to take over for me... I think he/she may have been attracted to the smell of the oil. Posted by Picasa


bugzbetty said...

Alice, We have the same visitors to our hummingbird feeders and set up a wasp & hornet trap nearby. Any bottle of soda or lemonade will do. For the most part they are harmless as long as you don't disturb their home. Nice closeup. Betty

Alice said...

Hi Betty, thanks for visiting and posting a comment. I actually was given a wasp trap recently, it's an attractive looking jar with an opening for them to go into and they can't get back out. I have to get that cork out of the top to empty the old liquid and put in some new, sweet treat, then hang it up somewhere... but where... sigh. At this point there aren't a lot of wasps around, but there could be soon enough. Some years there's a lot and some hardly any.

Last week we were having 15 degrees Celcius and there about for our highs... today it was 33 at my home, so the heat could bring out the wasps (hope not, haha)