Saturday, March 18, 2006


For some time I wanted a pair of slippers as any I'd had have disappeared or were just to "yucky" to wear anymore. Being "too busy" to make them, I bought some one day while in town. They have been good and there have been times I've been grateful for the rubber soles on them as I've stepped on things like bits of dog bone and they have protected me from cuts like the one I got on the bottom of one foot when I stepped on a dog bone shard not long before I got these slippers. However, I've still had the "urge" to make some. A few days ago, when getting ready to go to my spinners group, I decided to leave the spinning wheel home and take wool, crochet hook & pattern printed off the internet instead. I needed to crochet 6 hexagons, 2 rectangles (double thick soles) and put them all together. After both slippers were assembled I wasn't happy with the second one, so I took the sole off of it and re-did it, getting a much better looking slipper. I thought about using some of my homespun yarn for these, but from experience I know that not all patterns actually work right, so I decided to test the pattern first with acrylic yarns. One upside to this too is that they are machine washable and dryable, the homespun wool would be nicer in some ways, but would have to be hand washed and layed out to dry in the air. I am thinking too that I might make an extra large pair with my homespun, then felt them down to fit my feet. We'll see, I have many other projects going too, and several I'd like to try.

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