Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Great Turnout!!

Today I hosted our weekly spinners gathering. This is the first time I've done so in quite some time... I think last summer or fall. During the winter I don't host as my driveway is "nasty".

Today we had a good turnout: Louise, Fran, JoAnne, Rosalie, Barb N., Barb H., Bernice and of course myself made 8 in my tiny living room. It was wonderful.

As well as working on spinning, inkle weaving and other fibre related jobs each brought along, we talked about the upcoming Sheep-to-shawl demo at Lumby days June 10 ... ideas for the shawl we'll make there and at the Salmon Arm Sheep-to-shawl competition in September.

I really enjoyed having the ladies over! I served bread pudding (2 kinds... carob chip and raisin.. variety is the spice of life) and tea (again 2 kinds... Almond Rooibos and my home grown, fresh picked Chocolate Mint which was very popular).


kiwi said...

That sounds like fun! Does everyone come for the day or just for a few hours? In NZ we'd most likely serve a cake or some savoury finger-food with tea or coffee. B & B pudding is dessert.....right?

And what is "inkle weaving"?

I used to belong to an informal craft group that met once a week in the evenings, but it disbanded as members dwindled. Perhaps I could join your group? :>))

I've often read about chocolate mint, but have never seen it grown here. I'll have to ask my friend who manages a Garden Centre. Do you use it in other ways besides tea? Sounds yummy! I love anything chocolate.

Alice said...

Yes, Kiwi, it makes for a very enjoyable afternoon. We meet from 1pm until 3... or 3:30... maybe 4... some days it's even been 4:30...LOL. Everyone serves different stuff; cake, cookies, pie, all sorts of fancy baking... or sometimes cheese and crackers, pickles that kind of thing. I happen to love bread pudding and really enjoy making it. I don't dare make it for myself as I am working at loosing weight, not gaining it so make sure to only make it when there will be others to eat the majority of it. And yes, bread pudding is a dessert, and a very yummy dessert at that.

I was about to start trying to tell you about inkle weaving and I got a phone call this morning from a teacher who wants to teach her students to inkle weave but can't remember how, though she's done it before. So tomorrow she's coming out here so I can show her how to "dress the loom" etc. I will take pictures of the process and post them for you and others to see.

YES you can join our group!!! I'd love that!! Gee, maybe I should print off a picture of you to take to the gatherings with me, heehee.

I am new to Chocolate Mint as well as other herbs and such, so can't really give a good answer to your question... but I'm sure anything you can use any kind of mint for you could use the chocolate mint. I also love anything chocolate :o) This is actually more mint than chocolate, but there is the smell and a slight taste of it in this plant. I will try putting some in yogurt and see how that goes, I bet in my homemade yogurt it would add just a nice bit of flavor. I have to make a fresh batch of yogurt today or tomorrow so will "experiment" with some of it and let you know.