Sunday, June 04, 2006

Inkle Weaving

Recently Kiwi asked "what is inkle weaving" so I'm going to tell you and show you. Inkle weaving is weaving on an inkle loom. There... that's it.

Hahaha... okay, I'll give you more info. What you weave is long strips of various widths to be used for belts, or whatever you want. You can sew several of them together to make a fabric for a purse or a vest or.... your imagination can run wild.

Yesterday I got a phone call from a teacher who wants to teach her students to inkle weave. Evelyn has done some inkle weaving in the past but not for awhile so was looking for someone to show her how to do it and was given my name and number. I was more than happy to have her out to my home today and show her the basics, enough to get her and the kids off to a good start. I also recommended the book Inkle Loom Weaving by Helen Bress as it is full of great information: how to make an inkle loom, how to warp your loom, several patterns to weave and how to create your own patterns.

They (whoever "they" are) say "a picture tells a thousand words", so I took pictures today for you to look at.

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