Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sunday at Lumby

Last year I just went to Lumby days on Saturday, but this year I went Saturday and again on Sunday. The Sheep-to-Shawl demo was on Saturday, and on Sunday Louise and I were the only ones there for most of the day. Souise plyed some wool she had previously spun, did a bit of sampling on the loom to use up left over warp and weft threads, and then started spinning some beautiful purple silk. Meanwhile, I spun flax. I had never spun flax before so Louise showed me some of the basics of working with this fibre. I now see why many people only spin flax on time, then never again. I doubt I will work with it again either. It is a very difficult fibre to work with... or at least the quality of flax I have, though Louise also said there is better quality flax out there too. This is shorter bits and pieces and just knots up as you try to work with it.... grrrrr.

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