Tuesday, September 12, 2006

All the shawls were beautifully displayed on this room divider. Unfortunately I couldn't get all 5 shawls in on picture in this case.
The first and second place shawls hanging together
3rd place shawl ~ Kalamalka Spinners & Weavers. Note the lady on the far left is holding a photo of a samoyed dog, it is the dogs hair that they spun the yarn from that they used for the warp in this shawl. Also notice the faces hidden in this and other photos, due to the request of these 2 women.
2nd place shawl ~ Monashee Spinners & Weavers
Left to right: Carole, Kitty, Denice, Louise, Lynnette and Me
1st place shawl ~ The Langley Spinners & Weavers with the judge on the far right end

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