Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cushion from Recycled Material

Earlier this year, through Freecycle, I was given a pair of curtains and a HUGE window topper/valance. The curtains fit (just) one window in my loom room. I took apart the valance and used the material to make a second set of curtains for the other window in the same room. Still having more material left, I thought a cushion to put on the hide-a-bed in that room would be good. When reading the Salmon Arm Fair book of rules and entries, I found "Division A-8 Textile and Needle Arts... Thrifty Classes - material must be recycled... Class 36. Useful article made from used material" I thought that a cushion is a pretty useful article, and that this would give me the push I needed to make the cushion I already wanted to make. (Apparently I work better under pressure, lol) So, I entered this not-yet-made cushion in the fair. I used an old sheet for the inner cushion, stuffed it with sheep fleece that is not a good enough quality to spin with, and made the cushion cover out of the fabric from the valance... and I still have a fair bit of it left. I tell you the valance was HUGE, lol. I'd love to know what kind of window the people had, small curtains and a HUGE window topper.

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