Friday, September 08, 2006

Upcoming Fair

As I've mentioned below, I've entered some things is the upcoming Salmon Arm Fair. A complete list of entries is:

New Competitors - minimum print size 5x7 "
Open prints (I entered 2 here)
People (entered 1)
Animals - Domestic or Wild (entered 1 in this class too)
Intermediate Competitors - minimum print size 8x10"
Pictorial (entered 3)
Animal - Domestic or Wild (entered 2)
There were other catagories here too, but I didn't enter in them.
For more info on my photography, check out

Home Canning:
Plum jam, one jar.
Any other type of jelly, one jar.

Textile and Needle Arts:
Thrifty Classes - material must be recycled
Useful article made from used material. (This is my cushion)
Table runner

Competitions I am entered in:
Sheep to Shawl Competition
A group of 6 (5 spinners and 1 weaver) have 4 hours to spin and weave, creating a shawl. For more info see last years Sheep to Shawl Contest earlier in this blog... or come back and see what I post about this years competition later on.

Spinning Competition
Competitors will have 1/2 hour of practice time, then will be given a weighed amount of fleece and will have 2 hours to spin. After that the yarns will be wound onto a skein winder to measure the length of the spun yarn. Any breaks will get demerit points. Whoever spins the longest (therefore the thinnest without breaks) will win the $20.00 prize.

Check back for how I did, LOL.

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