Friday, September 22, 2006

A New Door Opened!

I have been invited to join a writing group. Part of this is online with wonderful ladies throughout Canada and the United States. Part of it is local with twice monthly meetings where those of us that live in this area get together. I see this as a wonderful opportunity to grow, so of course I said YES. Much of it is about Journal writing and this is a very positive habit to develope. Very healing, very powerful. It will also help me build on writing skills in other areas and inspire me to write poetry again. In fact, while telling about my home, introducing myself in the online group, I said that I often get "itchy feet" and want to move, but have been here 16 years now as I have never been able to find anything in my price range that suits me and my animals as much as this place does. Then came the poem...

If you want to read the poem you will find it on my blog Wandering Words... that's where I put all my poetry and now will put some of my other writings. Look in the sidebar on the left of this page for the LINKS to my other blogs and some of other people too.

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